The Lumitron ISO CLASS Controller modulates light intensity by regulating the voltage through an ISOlated Semiconductor Power Device. The Power Device is an Industrial rated Dual Thyristor Module with a minimum 800 Volt rating. These Modules are much more reliable than commercially rated Triac type devices and light dimmers.

Light Dimmer Features

  1. ISOlated Power Module that reduces wiring and allows the heatsinks to be Grounded

  1. Single Phase / 2 Wire Models rated 4800 and 8400 Watts with Integral Enclosure

  1. Wide range of other models available: From 1 Phase / 2 Wire to 3 Phase / 4 Wire; 3.6 KW to 36 KW --- Open Chassis or Enclosed models Standard; Special Configurations Available

  1. Simplified design enables access to the Control Board for setup or diagnostics - Common Manual or Automatic Control for 2 or 3 leg Controllers Manual (Potentiometer) or Auto (0-10 VDC) control signal

  1. Simulated Sunrise / Sunset with 10 minute ramp on /off

Lumitron Industrial Light Dimmers                       

DNH Industries offers the Lumitron ISO CLASS Controller is a solid state device which provides infinitely variable light intensity control. Power handling capabilities are sufficiently high to enable a single unit to handle the incandescent light load typically found in most controlled environment poultry houses.

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